Cat & Dog Boarding in Old Town, Chicago

As a pet owner, one of the most important decisions you can make while planning your vacation or business trip is finding a safe, comfortable place for your four-legged friend to stay during your absence. Our cat and dog boarding facility in Old Town can provide your companion with the safety, comfort, and affection they deserve, and give you peace of mind knowing they’re receiving the best care. Our team members enjoy playing and snuggling with our cat and dog boarding guests whenever possible! We fill up fast for the summer and holidays, so make your reservation well in advance of your trip. Call us at (312) 428-2571 to schedule a boarding appointment today.

cat and dog boarding in old town

What We Offer at Our Cat and Dog Boarding Facilities in Old Town

Our boarding accommodations include spacious kennels and dog runs. Cats and dogs are always kept in separate areas, to keep the environment as low-stress as possible. For our canine guests, we can arrange group play sessions so they can socialize, have fun and burn off energy. Dogs are taken out for walks several times a day to eliminate and get plenty of exercise. Cat enclosures have separate areas for their litter box for added comfort, and receive individual attention from our staff members. Kennels and runs are cleaned daily, and fresh water is always available.

We also provide clean, comfortable bedding for all cat and dog boarding guests; we cannot guarantee the safe return of items brought from home. You do need to bring your pet’s food if they are on a special diet, though we can provide food if necessary. Both food and medication brought from home need to be in durable containers labeled with your pet’s name and clear directions. If you have any additional instructions or requests for us, please notify our front desk staff when you drop off your pet.

If you wish, we can send you text updates and photos of your pet to keep you posted on how they’re doing. We know how hard it is to leave a pet behind, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

Dog Daycare in Old Town, Chicago

Do you ever worry about your pet being at home by themselves while you’re away at work all day? Do you think they need to spend more time with other dogs? If so, our dog daycare services in Old Town may be the best solution for you. We offer morning and afternoon sessions for our daycare guests. Full-day sessions include an hour-long rest period at noon. Daycare gives dogs and puppies the opportunity to play and interact with one another and develop stronger social skills in a secure, positive environment.

dog daycare in old town

Cat and Dog Boarding and Daycare Policy

Non-patients of our animal hospital are more than welcome to board with us, but we will need proof of vaccinations in the form of medical records, an invoice or a rabies certificate. Patients of our hospital must also be up to date on their vaccinations. The following requirements are:


  • Rabies
  • Distemper (FVRCP)
  • 6-month Bordetella
  • Negative fecal sample in last 12 months/UTD on annual deworming


  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHP)
  • 6-month Bordetella
  • Canine influenza (H3N2 and H3N8)
  • Negative fecal sample in last 12 months

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