Dog Parks Near Old Town

Would you like an easy way to increase your dog’s activity level and well being? Dogs parks can easily wear your dog out and create a day of fun. If a dog is fully socialized, they often love meeting and playing with other dogs partly because they evolved as living in groups with other dogs. With regular visits to the dog park, your pooch will likely find familiar playmates and you’ll meet other pet parents. To visit dog parks responsibly, keep vaccinations current and remember to supervise at all times. It’s best to start socializing your dog as a puppy, and we’re happy to lend behavioral training tips during one of our comprehensive wellness exams. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a useful list of dog parks near Old Town for easy access to fun only a short distance from the neighborhood.

Dog parks that allow you to unleash your dog are a labor of love. Private groups and park advisory committees either volunteer or vote on funding that allows for dog friendly areas and their maintenance. Let us know of any dog parks in or around Old Town not listed here so we can share the knowledge and promote good dog health. When visiting dog parks, keep in mind that dogs who are not used to being around other dogs may become fearful or overly excited. Therefore, please supervise your dog at all times.

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Adult dogs should have annual preventive wellness care that checks for underlying health issues. They’re the ideal time to update vaccinations, address behavior and dietary concerns, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us for this comprehensive examination, including dog training tips and resources.  Ask us about our doggy daycare too. Doggy daycare can be a great alternative to dog parks that ensure complete supervision while you’re taking care of business. Contact us for more information!