Dog Parks in & Around Lincoln Park

Dog parks are a surefire way to burn off excess energy and encourage socialization in dogs. Plus, they can be just all-around fun and you may even meet a new friend or two. Dogs are naturally pack animals and truly enjoy visiting with other dogs when they’ve been sufficiently socialized. Remember to start the socialization process early and keep all of their immunizations up-to-date! If you need additional pointers on preparing your pooch for a romp at the dog park, feel free to ask away. In the meantime, check out our handy list of dog friendly areas in Lincoln Park or a short distance from the neighborhood.

Dog friendly areas where you can unleash and let your dog run free are a labor of love. Private associations and park advisory committees vote on and volunteer to donate funds for the creation and maintenance of dog friendly areas. If you know of any dog parks not listed here that are conveniently located from or in Lincoln Park, please let us know!

Contact Us for Dog Training Tips & More

Dogs who are not used to being around other dogs may act anxious and possibly aggressive. When visiting dog parks, supervise your dog at all times and don’t hesitate to contact us for a nose-to-tail examination, including dog training tips and behavioral resources.  We also offer doggy daycare to help pups release energy and have fun when you’re not able to join. Call us today!