Veterinarian East Village Chicago:
Here for You & Your Pet Seven Days a Week

Here at Old Town Animal Care Center, we’re here to assist you in all your pet care needs and make your life a little easier in the process. Open seven days a week, we work when it’s most convenient for you – by walk-in! If you have a busy schedule, our hours make pet care more convenient as well; we’re here for the East Village pet community from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Whether your pet requires boarding services, illness care, or a routine exam, our veterinarians are available and ready to give your pet compassionate, skilled care. We are also pleased to offer advanced veterinary technology to East Village pets, along with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of veterinarians. Please give us a call at (312) 428-2571 to get your pet they care they deserve today.

Our Veterinary Services We Offer East Village

It’s true that we’re a fully staffed veterinary clinic with the latest, most modern tools at our disposal, but our goals for patient care run deep. Our veterinary services we provide to East Village include:

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Dog Activities East Village Chicago

Logan Square Dog Park, Churchill Field Dog Park, Skinner Bark Park, Walsh Park and Wiggly Field are the best dog parks around East Village to take your dog exercising or socializing. After the playdate at the park, go grab a bite to eat with your dog at one of the many dog friendly restaurants in the area. Big Star, Fatpour Tap Works, Pub Royale, Milk & Honey Cafe and Bucktown Pub to name a few are some great dog friendly options in the area. After the lunch/dinner date stop by a pet store in the area to pick up a treat or new toy for your pet. Your Best Friend Pet Supply, Liz’s Pet Shop, Doggy Style Pet Shop, Kriser’s Natural Pet and Wiggleyville Pet Boutique are our favorite pet shops in the area. If you are still looking for a pet in East Village or looking to add to your pet family, we recommend checking out PAWS Chicago one of the biggest animal shelters in the city.

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veterinarian with dog

Meet Dr. Kremer

Dr. Tony Kremer is our co-founder and practicing owner — plus a media personality to boot. As the owner of nine animal hospitals throughout the Chicago area and the co-founder of a life-saving organization, Dr. Kremer has put his heart and soul into veterinary medicine. Help Save Pets has saved over 14,000 cats and dogs and counting. He has also been a leader and mentor to the rest of the staff and veterinarians here at Old Town Animal Care Center.

We invite you to meet the rest of our skilled and knowledgeable team. Pay us a visit today!